Print Legibility Curriculum for 2nd - 5th graders- PROFESSIONAL EDITION

Work with your student on skills for improved handwriting legibility. Perfect for students with dysgraphia.

Course Summary

This is an online course, designed for a parent or instructor to work with a child 2nd - 4th grade, on legibility using print, This is curriculum, with workbook pages, videos and integrated training by an OT. The instructor will go through modules and then work with the student through activities for improving print legibility. The course does not go over sequencing of letters, as by second grade this would be habitual. It does not go over letter reversals - this will be a separate course,

Course Curriculum

Jan McCleskey

Hi, I am Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR. I have owned The Handwriting Clinic since 2002.  We have provided classes and therapy for fine motor skills and handwriting in the Plano, Texas area.  I have been a fieldwork coordinator for occupational therapy students for over 30 years. In 2002 I create the First Strokes Handwriting Programs and have traveled around the country doing First Strokes workshops.  I am adding distance learning courses to this site where a learner can access the courses online, and get AOTA approved CEU's. These are workshop courses, that an individual can take for continuing education at their own pace.

Current workshops:  

Evaluation and Interventions for Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting (.4 CEU's/4 contact hours

Surviving Pediatric Occupational Therapy Fieldwork with the Therapeutic Use of Self (.25 CEU's/2.5 contact hours)

Future workshop:

Dysgraphia interventions workshop

 First Strokes products are now digital, where a user can download the entire program (plus so many extra supporting documents).  

First Strokes Handwriting Programs are:

First Strokes Preschool Program (includes fine motor program)

First Strokes Differentiated Learning Handwriting Program (graded learning, without handwriting lines - several levels)  Includes a a comprehensive fine motor program.

First Strokes Multi-sensory Handwriting Program (pre-K - 1st grade - includes workbooks for ALL levels - Pre-K, K, and advanced print). Includes a comprehensive fine motor program.

First Strokes Print Legibility Program (2nd and above) - does not go back over letter formation, but goes over sizing and spacing and speed handwriting errors. Also has a chapter for number legibility.

First Strokes Cursive Program (2nd grade and above - this is the BEST cursive program! Not only does it work on letter formation, it works on legibility and visual memory and generalization skills. Generalization skills are important for legibility on notebook paper, fill in the blank worksheets with sizing and spacing.

All the above programs are sold as:

  1. COURSES on Zenler platform - where I have the sequential order of how I would teach the programs at my clinic! Two levels of courses: 1. for parents to work with their child 2. for professionals to use with their students on their caseload. This is an individual license where the user can use for all their students, print pages as needed, and share with students on their own caseload for distance learning.
  2. Workbook hardcopies can be purchased from The Handwriting Clinic website: - go to the products button. Building licenses on USB's are available as well.
  3. Digital workbooks and supporting documents are available as individual workbooks on Teachers Pay Teachers in The Fine Motor Store:  The products can be purchases as individual licenses or building licenses (a building license allows teachers or therapists in one building/school (not district) to use the program and to print worksheets and activities from the digital copies.

Not on the Zenler platform, but available from The Handwriting Clinic or The Fine Motor Store are:

First Strokes Print Legibility Workbook (teen - adult)

First Strokes Keyboarding Program


My son's teacher told me that my son was very bright, but that his handwriting was not legible.  I took him through some print workbooks but that did not help.  Then I discovered The Handwriting Clinic!  He took the Print Legibility course.  His teacher noticed a difference in his handwriting very quickly!  

My son has dysgraphia and struggled with handwriting.  His letters were crowded together and all sorts of sizes. He could not even read his handwriting!  I am very happy that he has improved his handwriting.  He seems more confident.

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First Strokes Print Legibility Course

$100 USD

  • Professional access for the First Strokes Print Legibility Course (see copyright)

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